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The issues affecting Knox County....

Knox county is growing and though I am happy to see growth, I am cautious about sprawl and concerned for the citizens of Knox County that are getting left behind due to the progress.  As a  volunteer and  board member for the local Habitat for Humanity and an owner of rental properties, I see first-hand the struggles that rising property values and taxes are having on our community.  I'm especially concerned with the lack of work force housing. We have 1000 new units coming into Knox county with not one unit being built for the workers. I believe everybody should have a place that they can afford.

 Second, I am a strong supporter of people having local access to their medications.  Patients should not have to drive out of county  to receive the medication they need to live a comfortable life. The tax revenue that our county is losing (up to a million dollars) due to banning dispensaries is a huge loss for Knox County when we need every dollar.   After seeing our property taxes increase by 12- 29% and failed levies for the Career Center and Jobs and Family services, we need to reevaluate that lost tax base.  

  Thirdly,  our county commissioner meetings need to be visible and accessible to every resident of Knox county, not just those who can make the trip to Mt Vernon on Tuesday & Thursday mornings.   I want to make it where our public meetings are recorded and posted online.  

Making a Donation

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Elect Chuck Rogers 

For Knox County Commissioner, OHIO

Chuck Rogers-11_edited.jpg

Hello my name is Chuck Rogers and I am running to be your next County commissioner. I was born and raised in Knox County, I am a graduate from Mt Vernon high school and the  Knox County Career Center. I spent 22 years as a first responder and a strong supporter of Police, Fire and EMS. After retiring from our careers out west, my wife Amanda and I decided to move back to Knox County 5 years ago because I knew what a great community this is and I wanted to continue to serve the public.  I have always kept roots in this county with family and friends and a business that I have owned for 25 years.  I currently serve on the following boards:  the Knox County Habitat for Humanity, Shady Owl Ranch Animal Sanctuary, Front Porch Concert Series and am a volunteer with MTV Arts, Knox County Dog Shelter, and the Woodward Opera House.

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